Mt. Shasta

I know it’s been awhile since I last did a photography post but here is another photo from my trip to Eugene, Oregon back in November. On the way, we were driving by Mount Shasta, also through Shasta Lake, where I used to spend summers with my extended family as a child. There’s nothing much to it, just a picture of the volcano. Thank you so much for reading and observing!

IMG_0215 (2).JPG


The Boats of Pier 39

Here is another photography post for you all, and it is another photo from my San Francisco trip. I do apologize for that because most of my past and future photography posts have been or will be of my San Francisco and Eugene trips and it will be like that until I take the time from my busy schedule to squeeze in more of my hobby.

IMG_0422 (2).JPG

So this photo right here was taken on Pier 39 right outside my favorite restaurant in San Francisco, Wipeout. There’s really nothing much to this photo, just some boats on the pier at sunset. But Pier 39 is one of my absolutely favorite spots in San Francisco and I am fortunate that I literally come to this spot every time I go to San Francisco. Thank you for reading and observing!

Oregon Duck Face Self Portrait

I’ve noticed that so far with my hobby with photography that I have mostly taken landscape photographs. However, I don’t want to just limit myself to landscape, I want to take as many as photographs as I can. So I thought I’d shake up my gallery a little bit with a self portrait.

IMG_0278 (3).JPG

Anyway, I went up to Eugene to attend an Oregon Ducks football game with my father and brother. We had actually gotten to the stadium hours before the game started to just check out the stadium and all that was there. Well there was a short little time that my dad went to go do something really quick and my brother and I were just sitting around people watching. Then I pulled out my camera and made a weird duck face and snapped it. Even though this isn’t my most attractive face, I actually really like how the photo turned out showing close details and my enhanced features. I really just enjoy using this camera. Thanks for observing and reading!

Baker Beach Sunset

I feel so bad not posting for the past few days after committing to posting more often with my blog relaunch. Family obligations came up and my work schedule has been adjusted, so it has made posting more difficult, and I hope you all understand. But I’m attempting to get back on track. I really wanted to post something pertaining to beauty, since this is a beauty blog, but the post I wanted to post is going to take some time to produce, so that’ll have to wait, but here is another photography post.

IMG_0427 (2).JPG

This photo was taken at Baker Beach in San Francisco. To be quite honest, after living in California all my life, I have never captured a sunset picture at the beach, I have in Hawaii but not in California. This was absolutely beautiful and I hope to catch more sunset photos in the future. Thank you so much for observing and reading!

Hidden Gem at Autzen Stadium

I was really satisfied with how my photography post was yesterday, and I can’t wait to post even more and grow my gallery. But here is my second photography post. This little nature scene was right near Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Oregon. I took this photo about a month ago when I went to go see an Oregon Ducks Game with my father and brother. What I love about this photo is that Oregon is made up to be a place that is just full of nature. I loved this because this spot was in a place where one wouldn’t expect to find nature. Also, with fall coming to an end, I wanted to share this because it had an autumn vibe to it.

IMG_0260 (2).JPG

Thank you so much for reading and observing this photo!

Photography: Fort Point, San Francisco, California, United States of America

Alright, as promised, I am bringing in one of the additions I wanted to include in my blog, and one of them is photography. To be honest, I’ve always had an interest in photography, not enough to make a career out of it, but I enjoy it as a hobby. Then again, I feel like there are a lot of people, at least in the area I live in, that make photography their career, because it seems kind of like an easy way out. Like they choose to do it, make it their “profession” even though they are perfectly capable of getting any job they choose, they just settle on photography because it seems easy. But anyway, it’s just a hobby for me. If there was an opportunity to make it a profession for me, it would be awesome and maybe I take it, but I think I’m fine with being an amateur for now.

Anyway a few months back, I made a big purchase on my first DSLR camera, and even though I still don’t know just what it’s capable of, I am absolutely in love. It is a Canon Rebel T5i, and I just love it. I originally bought it to make videos on my YouTube channel, and the quality of the videos I have made with it, is so good, and I can’t wait to get back into filming, I’m hoping that will be after the new year, if not sooner. But the actual photo quality is just as good.

A couple of weeks ago, I made a trip out to San Francisco, and it was a perfect time to use my new camera. I do have some more scenic photos or landscape photos, that I can’t wait to share on here from that short day trip.


But now on to the actual photo, this was taken really close to Fort Point. The spot where I shot this was actually in front of the sign that lets you know you’re entering Fort Point, and is near the intersection of Lincoln Boulevard and Long Avenue. This is probably one of my favorite scenic points in San Francisco because you can literally catch the whole city in this shot. No, the Golden Gate Bridge isn’t in it, but you can catch everything east of it. Whenever I am standing here, it just feels like it’s too good to be true. Like even though sometimes, being in the city is a pain in the butt with some of the interesting people you will come across, and the crazy traffic, but looking at it from afar, it’s just so beautiful.

Sorry that was such a long post, since it’s my first photography post, I wanted to give a little back story on me as an amateur photographer and what camera I’m using. But now that that’s out of the way, you can expect my future photography posts to be fairly short. And I think I’m going to set up some kind of gallery tab where all of my photos will be in the same place. And I think I’ll upload my photos on Instagram as well, once I get back into posting on there. Anyway, thank you so much for reading, and hopefully you’ll enjoy my photography as much as I enjoy sharing it with you!