Nico 8 Month Update!

Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a splendid day. Today I wanted to talk to you about my puppy, I know it’s been a minute.

First, he’s getting so big. That’s to be expected, he is a German Shepherd after all, I just remember when he was small, he’s grown so much and I can’t believe he’s just gonna get bigger. Here is a picture when we first got him.

His biting has not improved, if anything it has gotten worse, now especially because his teeth are so big. But I remember someone commented on my last puppy post to not use so much negative reinforcement, and that has helped because whenever we would slap him on the nose or hold his mouth shut, he would be viscous back, so that’s good I guess.

We discovered some different ways to preoccupy him as far as the chewing goes. I found that he really enjoys chewing on pig ears. We are constantly buying him cow hooves to chew on, and he loves them even more when you fill them with peanut butter or but the pre-filled ones with beef or bacon flavor.

We have started taking him to training classes, and I feel his behavior has improved, and he has learned basic commands like sit and down.

About last week, he started acting like a boy, if you know what I mean. He formed a relationship with one of my favorite teddy bears and absolutely destroyed it. But we are definitely going to be taking him to the vet very soon to get him fixed.

That’s about it for his update. Even though, he’s a pain in my butt, I love him so much, more than I thought I ever could. He does have an Instagram account if you’re interested, it’s Nicothegsd13. Thank you so much for reading!


Decluttering Highlighters/Highlighter Collection

Hello everyone, I hope you’re having a great day, sorry for the lack of posts this week. Today I wanted to declutter my highlighters, but I realized after going through them that there wasn’t really any of them that I wanted to get rid of, so instead, here is my highlighter collection.


I know, not too many, but definitely more than enough for one face. Sorry for the super short post, I’m trying to work in a solid posting schedule, but it will happen. Comment your favorite highlighter! Thank you so much for reading!

Declutter With Me: Bronzers

Hello everyone, I hope you all are enjoying your Sunday. Today I have another declutter post for you all and I will be decluttering my bronzers. Luckily I don’t have too many, but I think I will mainly be getting rid of my non cruelty free products and very old ones.


The ones on top are the ones I will be getting rid of, and the ones on the bottom will be the ones I will be keeping. I noticed a few of these, I only have used a couple of times, but I’ll probably go back and get rid of the ones, I will most likely never use.


That is it for this delcuttering post, sorry it was so short and sweet. I hope you all enjoyed, and thank you for reading!


Declutter With Me: Primers and Powders

Hello everyone, I hope your day is wonderful, I have another declutter post for you and today I will be decluttering my primers and powders. This one is going to be a short one, my stash of primers and powders is pretty small.


Surprisingly I have a few product empties, so no need to keep those. Then I have products from brands like Maybelline and Neutrogena, which aren’t cruelty free, so it is a must that I get rid of those. Also one product that I just don’t use and won’t really get use out of it is this NYC powder. There isn’t anything wrong with it, I’m just not a huge fan of loose powders and this one can get so messy, it’s just not one of my favorites.


These are the products I will be keeping, its less than half the size it was before. Of all the makeup I have decluttered so far, this is probably the most where I have gotten rid of products.


That is it for this declutter post, I hope you all enjoyed, and thank you so much for reading!



Declutter With Me: Foundations

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well. Here is another decluttering post for you all, today I am decluttering my foundations.

I do have quite a bit of foundations, a lot are old, non cruelty free, and some aren’t even my shade, so it is clearly time for a little clean out.


Here I just organized the foundations I’ll be keeping, from the ones I’ll be getting rid of, the ones on top are the ones I’m leaving, and the ones on the bottom, I’m leaving.


Its funny, I showed all the ones I’m getting rid of to my mom, and she ended up taking them all and added them to her collection. She actually did that with a good portion of the makeup I decided to get rid of.

That is it for this installment of my Declutter With Me Series. I don’t want to make any promises, but I’m trying to post everyday. I’m set for a while, and these decluttering posts really help me out with that. So I am aiming to post a decluttering post every other day, or at least every other post. I’m not sure, we’ll see, I just hope you look forward to all of these like I am. Thank you so much for reading!


Declutter With Me: Concealers

Hello everybody, I hope you are all having a wonderful day. Today I wanted to continue on with my Declutter With Me series! I know I previously shared with you decluttering my eyeshelf, which included primers, eyeliners, and mascaras. I do have 3 shelves in my room that’s for makeup, eyes, face, and then bronzers, blushes and highlighters. I was going to do the whole shelf, but I think I’m just going to focus on one type of product, and just include more of these posts. Today’s post will be on concealers.


I don’t have a lot of concealers, but as you can see even my small amount can look super unorganized. But I then organized them into what I am keeping and what I am getting rid of. The ones I am getting rid of, either I ran out of product, or because they are not cruelty free.


These are the ones I am keeping.


Sorry this post is kind of on the short side, but coming from a reader’s standpoint, I feel like it would be better to read a lot of shorter, easier to read posts, than a couple really long posts. I don’t know, maybe that’s just me though. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed, thank you so much for reading!


February Bullet Journal Setup

Hello all, I hope you all are having an amazing day! I really enjoyed sharing my January Bullet Journal Setup with you all and I wanted to share with you my setup for the month of February! I am apologizing for the poor lighting in advance.

So first I have this cover page. No I don’t really know how to do calligraphy, I just saw this on Pinterest, and free handed it myself. I wanted to make it a little artsy so I drew a bunch of little hearts, and then a bigger geometric heart and rose. Not my best work, but I’m not mad at it.


This is pretty basic but it’s just a monthly log for February to keep track of any events.


Next are my weekly spreads. After 2 days of January, I hated the way I set it up, there was very little room to write so I wanted to make big boxes this month with enough room to write. I like it much better this way.


Next I have a little area to keep track of my spending. I loved including this in January, it made me more cautious and aware of my spending.


Next I have a budget planner. For this page, I wanted something where I could plan out a budget for the pay periods. This will just help me even more keep track of my spending and things that I need to pay for right away like bills.


This page is just a habit tracker. I included it last month, and there were some habits I would definitely like to improve on, so I included them for this month. Also on these pages I included a space to keep track of my monthly favorites and then things that happen throughout the month.


Lately I have been getting into some poor sleeping habits, not sleeping enough hours in the night and there were a few times last month where I had sleep paralysis, which is just when you wake up and you can’t move or talk anywhere from seconds to minutes. This is just a way for me to keep track of it. Next to this page, I just left a page for doodling, because why not?


That is it for my February Bullet Journal setup, I hope you all enjoyed. I’m trying to tweet and post on Instagram more often, so don’t forget to check out my accounts which you can find links to on the left. Thank you so much for reading!