Declutter With Me: Primers and Powders

Hello everyone, I hope your day is wonderful, I have another declutter post for you and today I will be decluttering my primers and powders. This one is going to be a short one, my stash of primers and powders is pretty small.


Surprisingly I have a few product empties, so no need to keep those. Then I have products from brands like Maybelline and Neutrogena, which aren’t cruelty free, so it is a must that I get rid of those. Also one product that I just don’t use and won’t really get use out of it is this NYC powder. There isn’t anything wrong with it, I’m just not a huge fan of loose powders and this one can get so messy, it’s just not one of my favorites.


These are the products I will be keeping, its less than half the size it was before. Of all the makeup I have decluttered so far, this is probably the most where I have gotten rid of products.


That is it for this declutter post, I hope you all enjoyed, and thank you so much for reading!



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