A New Perspective

When I first started this blog, I wanted to focus it solely on makeup, even though I’m self taught and I know everything I know from watching YouTube videos, and that’s how I really came up with the name, Beauty Amateur Hour. But here I am and a half later thinking of more than just makeup.

Yes, I would love to have makeup be the main focus of this blog, but my life isn’t just about makeup. It is definitely one of my hobbies, but there is more to life, and more beauty in life, than just makeup. There is beauty in makeup, beauty in fashion, beauty in entertainment, beauty in travel, beauty in you, beauty in me, beauty in literally everything, even the things that may not be even considered beautiful because life is beautiful.

I don’t even know how I got to this conclusion, I guess it just kind of came to me the more I typed this. And yes, life can be hard for anyone and everyone, but we have to make the best of it and once you are able to get over whatever hard time you are going through, I hope you can see the beauty in life and appreciate it.

I would still love to have beauty as a main topic in this blog, but I really want to post more than just makeup, I just need to stop being lazy and get back into posting daily again.

As much as I want to change the name of this blog, I think I’m going to keep it the way it is. However, it’s going to have a little more meaning than it did before. I think I discussed the beauty part enough already but as for the amateur hour, well I feel like I am an amateur at beauty, fashion, travel, life, just about anything. And that is what it means to me.

Sorry for this late night thought, it was just something I was thinking, and something I wanted to share and change, or expand about this blog. I will be continuing my 100 Days of Makeup on my Instagram, once I stop being lazy, and after that ends, I plan to include more than just makeup on Instagram. Also, I’m thinking about starting a Facebook page, any thoughts on that? Thank you for reading and thank you for always being here. I truly appreciate it!


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