Sick…. AGAIN!

Sorry all for being MIA, guess who got sick again? At least when I was sick last month, it was just a cold, and it went away pretty quick. This time I got a virus and it has lasted 10 days now, and it has just been kicking my butt, and unfortunately there’s only so much you can do to treat it. I’m feeling better now than I have throughout the week but I’m still not quite feeling my normal self. I still have a really bad sore throat that has not gotten better at all whatsoever, and a cough, but I have a little more energy now. The past 5 days, I spent in bed in pain with a fever ranging from 100 to 103 degrees Fahrenheit. 

But enough talk about being sick, I just wanted you all to know why I haven’t posted. Also right before I got sick, I took a small trip to Disneyland so expect a travel log as well as a Valentines Day makeup tutorial coming up on my YouTube Channel. Once I feel even more better and get some more energy, I’ll get back into a regular schedule of posting. Again, I’m sorry for being gone, thank you all for your patience. Thanks for reading! 


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