NEW SERIES! Declutter With Me! Day 1

Alright, so we are almost done with week 2 of 2017 and so far, I haven’t even made any way to attempt to accomplish what I wanted to this year. So I am going to start with one of the things on my list of personal goals for 2017, and the one I am starting with is completely decluttering my room.

The method I am taking may make the process longer but it’ll make it easier for me since I have such a busy and unpredictable schedule. So I am going to be tackling one little section of my room everyday until I completely finish. I have a really bad habit of hoarding things that are just trash, and this will help me get rid of all of it.

In my room there are a lot of shelves, and no closet so most of this series, I will be tackling one shelf each day until I can move on to bigger things like my desk as well as under my desk and I will probably save my dresser for last, with taking a day for each drawer.

But I’m starting with one shelf in my room that isn’t used for much because it’s not within my reach, but I have to start somewhere. This shelf had a picture, a glass Eiffel Tower with candy in it, a little Easter Basket, an old calendar from last year and a coffee cup still in its box.

I did take out everything from the shelf and then just put the picture frame and Eiffel Tower back. The Easter basket I put on another shelf to tackle another day and I took the cup out of the box and into the kitchen where it belongs. I also put the calendar on another shelf because even though it’s useless, I really liked the pictures inside. I know that’s really stupid but I’m new at this, give me a break.

And this is what the shelf looks like now.


That is it for this first installment of my declutter series. I know it doesn’t seem like much but if I do a little bit each day, then I know my room will get to be the way I want it to be. Thank you for reading!


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