Personal Goals for 2017

New year, new me!.. I’m just kidding. I’m always like that around New Years. I don’t want to say I believe in New Year’s Resolutions because I don’t think people can truly become new people or change their lifelong habits all because we’ve made it through another lap around the sun. But this year I made a list of things I either want to do or get into the habit of doing, or just accomplish throughout the year 2017. I’m going to share a lot of them with you all and I think it would be fun to come back a year from now and take a look and see if I actually fulfilled my goals for the year and make more for the next year. So in no particular order, here we go…

  1. Dye hair, work my way up to a light brown/ dark blonde. I know this is bad, but I haven’t dyed my hair in over a year and I have always wanted to make that change with my hair color, I just have never had the courage to do it.
  2. Whiten Teeth. I’ve always wanted whiter teeth and I’m honestly really self conscious about it and they’re not going to get any whiter unless I make an effort.
  3. Go back to school. I do have an associates degree in Liberal Arts and Cultures but as reluctant I am to go back to school, I don’t want to just leave it at that. I think I’d want to continue my education online, allowing me more availability to work and spend time with friends and family. But I was thinking about getting another associates in business management, but we’ll see what happens.
  4. Make Beauty Amateur Hour social media “lit”. I do have personal social media but honestly I want to put my name out there when it comes to this blog. Yes I would love to inspire as many as peopleΒ as I can, who doesn’t? But what I mean by “lit” is that I want to constantly be posting content on all my social media which includes this blog, my twitter account, instagram account, and my YouTube channel. Ideally, I would like to be posting at least once a day from a least one of the platforms I use.
  5. Get Blog back on track. Honestly I got a good start on this goal this month. But I want to do better. I just want this blog to remain primarily about beauty, but at the same time I want my blog to have something for everyone. So it’s just something that I’ll always have to work on, it’s not just going to happen overnight.
  6. Get YouTube channel back on track. I admit I did start my YouTube channel just this year, and it may have been before I was ready. But it was a great learning experience and I want to be able to post high quality content and improve as I go, because it is actually very fun. I’m not saying I want to be Jaclyn Hill status, but just to grow my channel, and like my blog, I want my channel to have different types of videos from beauty to travel to lifestyle and etc.
  7. Move out from my parents’ house. I love my family to death and I appreciate everything they have done for me but I think it’s time for me to be out on my own and learn to be more independent. I’m really hoping I’ll be able to do this sometime in 2017.
  8. Lose 30 lbs. I’m not going to tell you my current weight right now, but this weight has always been a goal of mine and if I try really hard, maybe I’ll get to that place.
  9. Visit another country. I really want to travel the world, so bad! And honestly doing it all at once might be a little difficult for me to do. But I think it would be fun to visit at least one different country a year, or a different continent a year. But for 2017, I would like to visit at least one other country than the United States.
  10. Enter Nyx Face Awards. Now this is just something I want to do for myself. I don’t have high expectations of actually becoming a finalist but I think it would be something fun to do and get out of my comfort zone.
  11. Get back into proper skincare. I’m going to admit this year I completely lacked on having a proper skincare routine everyday. I would like to change this in 2017 and stick to it.
  12. Get into proper hair care and actually put effort into hair. I definitely need to take better care of my hair than just winging it. Also I a few years back, I actually put effort into my hairstyles and I want to get back into that instead of just leaving it in a bun all day, everyday.
  13. Get back into shape. This goes hand in hand with my weight loss goal, but I do want to live a healthier lifestyle and I want to work out more and eat better.
  14. Completely declutter bedroom. Even though I want to move out of my parents’ house, I do want to give my room a makeover and get rid of everything I don’t need until I can move out.
  15. Take more pictures. I do want to do this to grow my gallery on this blog. But I also want to do this because I want to document as much as I can of all my experiences so I’ll be able to look back on the memories.
  16. Read more books. Every year I always tell myself that I’m going to read more, and every year I fail. But not this year. I will make it happen. I want to read at least 10 books this year!
  17. 100 Days of Makeup Challenge. Okay, I did try this challenge this year, but I want to try it again and actually succeed. I won’t stop until I do!
  18. Have more fun and enjoy life. I’m not going to say I don’t have fun and enjoy life now, but I am constantly working and not taking time for myself to actually have fun. Like go out with friends and enjoy being young. I’m only going to be young for so long and I want to enjoy this time for as long as I can before “adulting” actually hits.
  19. Get better at planning ahead. I always get excited when I get a new planner or calendar, and the excitement lasts about a week and then I never use it again after that. I would like to change this in 2017.

That’s all of my goals for 2017. I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to fulfill them all but I am most certainly going to try. Thank you so much for reading! I hope you all have a nice New Year’s Eve and Happy New Year!


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