Makeup For Thought: Final Thoughts on Makeup Revolution

Alright everyone it has been a hot minute since I have actually posted on here. Now that summer is officially in full swing, I promised myself that I wouldn’t neglect this blog anymore. With that being said, there will be things that I will keeping just exclusive to this blog, as opposed to making a video about it on my YouTube channel, which if you haven’t already, you should go check it out. Anyway one of the things I will be keeping exclusive to this blog is my Makeup For Thought series. So let’s just get on with it.

So last month I tried out products from the Makeup Revolution brand. I’ll start with what I was most excited about, the eyeshadow palette. Overall, for the price it isn’t that bad, it gets the job done. But I don’t really know if this is something I would go out and repurchase. The shadows last but I feel that they take a while to build up, and sometimes I’m just not that patient.


The Lip Lacquer I didn’t really care for because it was sticky and it didn’t last long on my lips.


The bronzer was okay. I didn’t think that the color would actually show with my skin tone, but it did. But I did find it a little hard to blend the way I wanted it to.


The blush I actually really liked, and this is definitely one of those products where you just go in with a light hand. A little goes a long way with this product.


My favorite product that I tried out from Makeup Revolution is the Highlighter, I have been using it almost everyday this past month. It gives off an instant glow, and looked beautiful. It is something where you can wear just a little, and it will be fairly noticeable, and then you can just build it up if you want a glow that’s more noticeable.


I think Makeup Revolution puts out good products for the price. Some things I’m not really sure if I would go and repurchase, but the blush and highlighter I will definitely be going back for.

That’s it for the June Makeup For Thought. I know July has already started, and I think I might be taking a break for this month for Makeup For Thought, but it will definitely be back in the month of August. Thank you so much for reading!


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