Final Thoughts on Hard Candy Cosmetics

I was planning on doing a full face tutorial for all of you using Hard Candy Cosmetics, but unfortunately with my busy schedule, I failed to do so. But I feel that if I truly thought that these products I have tried were worth it, maybe I would have.

Honestly I was so excited at the beginning when you all commented saying that you found some really good products. But then when it came time for me trying it myself, I just wasn’t impressed.

When it came to the eyeshadows, bronzer, blush, and highlighter, they swatched nice, but it didn’t match when actually applied to the face or eyes. They weren’t very Β pigmented and didn’t last very long after application.


As for the eyeliner, the texture of it was like drawing with a marker on my skin. It felt very thick, but like the other products mentioned above, it didn’t last long.


Then for the foundation and concealer, it didn’t give the full coverage I was expecting because it was so thick. It felt very cakey and just overall uncomfortable on my skin.


The lipstick, I actually really liked. It was moisturizing, pigmented and lasted longer than I thought it would.


As much as I wanted to like this brand, I was just disappointed I didn’t find anything I really liked aside from the lipstick. Keep in mind that this is just my opinion. Just because I don’t particularly like it, that doesn’t mean any of you shouldn’t try it out if you really want to. It’s just that these products from this brand didn’t work out for me. I am open to trying out all sorts of different products, so if you think I should give it another chance, go ahead and recommend some products that you like and have worked out for you. Thank you for reading, and I’m excited to post my June Makeup for Thought Tomorrow!


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