An Update on Too Faced and Kylie Cosmetics

I have recently started following a lot of makeup brands on social media, and I feel it helps with my blogging in a way because I know what new products are coming out so I can go out and buy them to review for all of you. Had I not started doing this, I would have never found out about new launches such as ones from Too Faced or Kylie Cosmetics. Even though you all could find this out from following companies on social media, I wanted to give you an update on some exciting, at least what I think is exciting, stuff that is happening.

We’ll start with Too Faced. First off, you all know how much I absolutely love the Sweet Peach Palette. And I know that all of you are upset or frustrated that this palette is always sold out, and I am too, because I really think this palette is worth it and I want you all to be able to go out and buy it. I follow Too Faced and their founder on Instagram and long story short, they said they didn’t anticipate the amount of hype this palette was receiving, and had they known, they would have never made it limited edition. They said they knew that a lot of people were frustrated that they couldn’t buy it, so they promised that they would do everything that they can to give everyone a chance to buy this awesome palette!


Also from Too Faced, they just announced that they made the PB&J Palette permanent to their collection. I’m going to be honest, I have no idea if they are selling this at Sephora, but they said you can find it at Ulta once they order more. Now if they just made the Sweet Peach Palette permanent, we would all be so grateful.


Now for Kylie Cosmetics, this one is a little last minute, but she is launching her new Lip Kit shade, Exposed. I would share a photo of it, but I like only posting my original photos from my own camera. But from the swatches I have seen, it’s a nude pinky brown that is lighter than Dolce K, but different from Posie K and Candy K. Also she will be restocking some of her other Lip Kits and Metal Mattes. I don’t know a time yet, but I do know it is today on Friday the 13th.


I really like being in the know of these kind of updates. I know you all could find this out by following these companies on social media, but I’m that type of person that likes being the first to know and spreads the word. I hope this post gave you hope on getting some awesome products. Thank you so much for reading!


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