Haul Turned Around: Need Feedback

I’m sorry for the lack of posts, yet again. But I just got a new planner, making it a little more fun to plan out my blog and actually get things done. But anyway, I went to Sephora today, and I wanted to do a haul for you, but based on the products I got, it sparked a new thought into my mind that I think would be fun and beneficial to all of you.

So a lot of the beauty gurus I always watch on YouTube will post videos every now and then explaining what new products are at Ulta, Sephora, and the drugstore. But what I was thinking of was doing a post with all of the new products that have just been released, every month from any brand or store. I admit some of the products I picked up got released last month, but I haven’t seen many people post about it here on WordPress. I also have planned on ordering some new products online from different places.

Then after posting the products I will be trying out, I’ll do a review on the products, letting you know what I think is actually worth spending your money.

All I ask of all of you is if there are any new products from any brand that are just being released that you think may be worth trying, please leave it in a comment anytime in any post. I know I can’t try outΒ everything that is suggested, but I will certainly try my best. Thank you in advance for your contributions, and thank you for reading!


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