Hard Candy Cosmetics First Impressions

Before I get on to my first impressions of the products I purchased from this brand, I would like to say that this is just a FIRST IMPRESSION! I will do a full review of this brand toward the end of the month, giving me enough time to really try out these products and then I will give my final opinion on the brand. I don’t want to say too much and give away the whole post, but I felt like I needed to say that.

I was so excited when I announced that the brand I was trying out for the month was Hard Candy Cosmetics, and a lot of people commented saying that either they loved this brand or that they were really looking forward to reading a review. This honestly made me so happy because I absolutely love interacting with you all and making posts that you will actually read. Then I tried out these products, and I was just not impressed with it, and I was so afraid to make this post because I was afraid I was going to disappoint you all. But I think it would be better for me to give you my honest opinion than to lie to you.

Now, these products aren’t terrible, but they just kind of disappointed me. But I knew I shouldn’t really have expected much because it is a drugstore brand, and you get what you pay for. I was just really hoping I would find a great product for a great price, and unfortunately by what my first impressions have told me, Iย haven’t foundย one.

I’ll start with the eyeshadow palette. The eyeshadow primer I really liked. It was liquidy when you first get it out of the tube, and then when you apply it to the lid, it felt really smooth. It kind of reminded me of the Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer. As for the eyeshadows, they swatch nicely, but then I put it on my eyes, and it took a while to really build up the color, and I felt like it wore off very quickly. But I did use my own brushes, and not the foam tip applicator it came with. Maybe if I did, it would have worked better than using a brush. As for the eyeliner that came with it, I couldn’t get it out of the palette, so I haven’t been able to try it.


The eyeliner wasn’t too bad. It did feel like I was using a marker and putting it on my eye, and that just felt a little weird. I also felt like it wore off a little bit on one eye about 5 minutes after application. But the good thing that it is absolutely smudge proof, like the name. It could also be considered waterproof because I had swatched the liner on the back of my hand and the day after it was still there, and it took me a few minutes to completely get the product off under warm water. I didn’t completely hate this, but I didn’t really love it either.


The concealer, I felt made me look really white and it didn’t do that great of a job concealing my imperfections. Then for the foundation, I felt like it may have been a little bit dark, which is very odd because the concealer and the foundation were the same shade. The foundation itself, I think did have a nice full coverage, however I felt like it left my skin a little cakey and it felt like I was wearing a mask. I did apply it with a brush that had those short but really compacted bristles. I recently got it, and I heard it is good for applying foundation, but it didn’t work so great with this one.



The bronzer, blush, and luminizer trio was pretty disappointing for me too. The bronzer was very light and didn’t really show up on my skin. Then I went in with the blush, and it was a little bit more red-toned than I hoped, but still looked okay, almost looking natural., but not quite what I had hoped. The luminizer was very glittery, but it did the job. I feel like this is something that you need to go in with a light hand, because if you do, it will be not completely, but a little natural. Whereas if you put on too much, it looks like you’re on your way to Coachella, or EDC, or any other kind of music festival.


As for the lipstick, I really liked it. It is sheer and it looks really nice on my lips. This kind of reminded me of the Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipstick.


I really hope I didn’t disappoint any of you with my First Impressions on Hard Candy Cosmetics. Like I said, these are just my first impressions, and I’m giving my final review on it at the end of the month, giving me enough time to really try every product thoroughly. Sometime this week, I’ll be doing a complete look with these products, so hopefully by then I’ll feel better about these products, or you can maybe see why they didn’t really impress me much. But maybe I just didn’t pick out the right products, so all recommendations are welcome. Also I explained how I applied some of these products, so let me know how you apply them because maybe I’m not doing it right. Thanks again for all of your comments, support, and encouragement. It really means a lot to me, and it also really helps me a lot as a blogger. Thank you for reading!


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