Final Thoughts on Colourpop

Everyone, I apologize for not posting a lot this week, it’s been a very unusual week for me, but everything should go back to normal next week. Back when I first started, I would plan out my blog posts on a calendar and write everything down on paper, but I haven’t been doing that lately which explains that there are days that I don’t post. Now on to my final thoughts on Colourpop.

For the eyeshadows, I really liked the metallic shade and the pearlized shade. I would definitely like to go back and buy more of these. It’s beautiful and it is very long-lasting. For the matte shades, I found them hard to blend with my brushes and my fingers. However, I don’t have any synthetic brushes, at least that I know of, that would be good for blending out these shadows. Maybe after I get some later on, my opinion of them would change.


The gel eyeliner was very pigmented and with this, a little went a long way.


For the bronzer and the blush, I liked them. I’ve never tried any bronzer like this, that isn’t a powder. The Benefit Hoola Bronzer is still my go-to, but this makes a very good runner up. I’ve tried cream blushes before, but this one is different, and I feel like none of those cream blushes can compare to this blush.



I’ve recently jumped on to the highlighter train, and have been wanting more and more highlighters. I got some highlighters from Colourpop, and I really like them. However I noticed that they lose their shine after a while and don’t last all day. But maybe if I tried applying it with a synthetic tapered brush, it would make a difference.


For the lippies, I like both of the products I got, even though they didn’t last as long as I had hoped. I didn’t really use the liquidΒ satinΒ lipstick that often because it just wasn’t the right shade for me, but it did last for a while. I think if I had gotten a lip liner, it would have lasted longer.



Overall, I was pretty impressed with Colourpop and I do plan on buying from them again. I know I will for sure buy more of the metallic eyeshadows and more liquid satin lipsticks because out of everything, they were my absolute favorite products from this brand. I’ll be back tomorrow to talk about the brand I’m trying for the next month. I hope you enjoyed, and thank you again for reading


10 thoughts on “Final Thoughts on Colourpop

  1. shybeautyblogger says:

    Ive purchased so much colourpop! Haha. I have not tried the blush or bronzers yet! But I do have the highlight in “monster” it you spray some fix plus on it when your done it lasts longer! (mine did anyways) πŸ™‚ Hope that helps

    xoxo Kaylin

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