A Huge Thank You

I’m not a big fan of double posts, but this was just absolutely necessary. I wanted to just thank you all for getting me to 100 followers. This is completely different from reaching that many followers on social networking with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This I did completely on my own, and reaching that many followers with complete strangers I have never met in person is just incredible. Some of you are probably thinking that 100 followers isn’t that many, but to me, it is so many. You are all 100 people I have never met in person, and for some reason I don’t and will probably never know, you all find what I have to say about beauty is entertaining or helpful or it just gives you enjoyment and I cannot thank you enough.

IMG_1106 - Copy.JPG

I wasn’t really sure of what I was expecting from this blog. I did know that I wasn’t expecting fame or sponsorships or making money from this blog or anything, and I still don’t really foreseeing that being a possibility. I did this for myself, because I love beauty and I love writing. I’m glad that I have put myself out there because I can share my thoughts with the world, and I can also see all of your thoughts. You are all people that have such a great knowledge and passion for something that we use to make us feel beautiful. You are all beautiful people who don’t need makeup to make you look beautiful, but you use makeup as a tool to highlight your inner beauty instead of hiding all of your imperfections.


The best part about this is that this is just the beginning. I’m going to keep writing as I usually do, and hopefully I become more and more creative over time. 100 followers on this blog is giving me even more confidence to start a YouTube channel, which is a really big step for me. It’s still a work in progress, but I’ll let you know when the time comes. Again thank you all so much for 100 followers, and I can’t wait to thank you all again at the next hundred.

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