A Colourpop Look with Eye Tutorial

I am so sorry that this post is very late, but I thought I would wait to give you a before and after mini review of how all of the products worked out for me.

I’ll start with the eyes. First I used the Too Faced Shadow Insurance to prime my lids and then scotch tape in the outer corner of my eye. I then put Wilshire on my crease with my pinky finger.


Then I blended it out with the shade, Crenshawย with my ring finger.


Next I put the shadeย Supermodel,ย on my brow bone as a highlight with my index finger.


Then with the same finger I put the shade Lovely on my lid.


Then I went back into Wilshire with my pinky and then put it into the outer corner. To help blend it out, I used an angled blending brush.


Then I used the Gel Liner in the shade, Swerve from Colourpop.


Next I used the Covergirl Plumpify Blastpro Mascara which concludes the eye look.



Then for my face, I put my primer, concealer and foundation on. Then for the bronzer, I just put my ring finger in the bronzer shade,Carry On and put it below the cheek bone, and then just blended it with three fingers.


I did the same for the blush which is in the shade, Never Been Kissed, except place it above the bronzer.Then with my Morphe Fan Brush, I dab it in a little into the highlighter, Spoon, and sweep it above the blush, giving it a sheer glow.


Then I just put the lippie stick on my lips, in the shade, Button.


I’m really happy with the way this look turned out, and I’m very satisfied with how the products worked out for me. The only thing I will say is that I had a hard time applying and blending the matte eye shadows. It is recommended to apply the shadows with the fingers, but maybe it’s just me. I’m not used to using makeup with this awesome formula.


Then I came home from a long day at work, and I found that the eyeshadows, bronzer, and blush barely wore off. Unfortunately the lippie stick and highlighter did, but I’m very impressed with the staying power of the rest of the products.

This completes a full look using Colourpop. I hope you enjoyed and thank you for reading!



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