Morphe Single Eyeshadows Mini Review

I’ve reviewed the 35K Koffee Palette from Morphe Brushes about a week ago, and today  I wanted to review the single eyeshadows I have purchased from Morphe.


I like the ones that were in the palette, they’re not my absolute favorite but they are pigmented and blend out pretty well, and they just look really great on the eye. However, for me personally the shadows I bought, which I believe are all new shadows, couldn’t compare to the ones in the palette. I feel like these single shadows didn’t really show up, and had no pigmentation. These were the nude and natural shades, so I’ll try the colored ones and see how those work for me.

But the darker shade I used worked pretty well, and it just comes off beautifully on the eye. But overall with the shadows I did use, I was not impressed. But then again I believe every single shadow retails for $2 each, or somewhere in that range, so essentially you get what you pay for. I’m not sure if I will purchase single eyeshadows from Morphe again. I hope this was helpful, and always thank you for reading!


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