Morphe Cream Foundation Face

A few days ago, I posted a contour look from the Morphe Brushes Cream Foundation/Contouring Palette. Today I am going to explain how I used that palette as a foundation and give a little review about it.


For me and my skin tone, I mixed 3 colors with a foundation brush to get the perfect shade. Just looking at the palette, I thought the bottom left and middle shades would be fine, but they ended up being too light. So I put that all over my face, and went back and added the bottom right shade and blended that into the face.Β The texture is also very light, and it takes a while to build up the coverage you want.


Overall, I think this palette Β really does get the job done when if you’re using it for foundation. However, I don’t think I will be using this for foundation in the future because it takes a lot of time to get to what I want it to look like. If it was absolutely amazing and left my skin looking flawless, maybe I would make the extra effort, but it’s not, and it’s just more convenient to buy a foundation that is already my perfect shade. I hope this was helpful for anyone wanting to buy this palette. Thank you for reading!


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