Holy Grail Sunday: Maybelline Baby Lips

Sorry I haven’t made any posts this weekend, but I came back today for Holy Grail Sunday. I will be talking shortly about my all-time favorite lip balm, the Maybelline Baby Lips.


I have been using this lip balm ever since Maybelline first launched them. I love these lip balms because they are the only lip balm that actually keeps my lips hydrated, and they last. Usually other lip balms feel kind of like wax, and these feel more of a stick of gloss that hydrates. I don’t know it’s hard to explain.

Some of their lip balms are tinted, and this makes them fine to wear by themselves without any lip stick or lip gloss on top. Here are some lips swatches of some of them below.



For me, these lip balms are like Pokemon, you gotta catch them all. I know I don’t have all of them but I do have more than enough. These actually last a long time. My very first one lasted about a year before I got to the bottom of the stick.

I really just love these lip balms. If you’ve never tried them, pick one up when you go to the drugstore, you won’t regret it. Thanks for reading!


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