Morning Skincare Routine

I know a lot of what I post is solely about makeup, but today I thought I would be different and post my morning skincare routine at the moment. All of the products I use are affordable and from the drugstore and I have absolutely no shame about that. These products work for me with my normal skin type with occasional blemishes.

First I start off with this facial scrub from Clean & Clear. It is their Morning Burst Facial Scrub. It has exfoliating beads, which I like, but Β can sometimes be annoying. It smells very citrusy and the feeling of the scrub and the smell kind of wakes you up in the morning.



Next I use the Noxzema Classic Clean Original Deep Cleansing Cream. This took a while to get use to because it “tingles and refreshes.” It stings at first when you start using it, but it makes your skin feel so smooth after. But after using the product for a week, it didn’t sting anymore, it just felt tingly and it made my skin feel fresh. I love this.



Also from Noxema, I use the Noxzema Ultimate Clear Anti Blemish Pads. These have a really strong smell that burns my nose, but it works. They help shrink the amount of blemishes on the face in about a week’s time.



For toner, I use the Target Up&Up Alcohol Free Skin Toner. I really love the smell even though I can’t explain it. I use it after the blemish pads to make me feel like there aren’t any chemicals still on my face, sort of like last minute cleanser on my face.



Then I finish it off with the Clean&Clear Dual Action Moisturizer. Once again, I love this smell and the way it makes my skin feel. It kind of smells like sunscreen, but not, if that makes sense.




That’s it for my skincare routine. I love these products, they have worked for me when trying to get rid of those stubborn blemishes. Thanks for reading!



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