First Impression and Tutorial On the Wet N Wild Coming In Latte Palette

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a great President’s Day Weekend here in the U.S. and if you’re not in the U.S., I hope you’re enjoying your day. Today I am going to give my first impression and a little tutorial on the Wet N Wild Coming In Latte Palette. First time I saw it in stores was about 2 weeks ago and I don’t remember the exact price but it is definitely under $10. I thought I would try it out, what could it hurt?


Alright from what I can see by just looking at it, it has a lot of neutrals, golds, and dark shades. It is perfect for just an everyday palette.

The texture feels great, smooth and a little creamy. They swatch beautifully and when applied to the eye with just normal brushes, some of the lighter shades lose their pigmentation, but the darker shades last. Now I am going to go on to the tutorial portion.

The shades didn’t have names, so I numbered them.

IMG_0723 edit


First I primed my eyes with the NYX Eyeshadow Base and put scotch tape in the outer corners. Then I put the shade numbered 8 on my crease with a crease brush. I also put shade 1 on my brow bone.


Then I blended out the crease with shade 6.



Then with a flat shader brush, I put the shade 2 on the inner half of the lid.



Then I put shade 7 on the outer half of  the lid.


Then to finish the look I put the shade 9 on the outer corner.


For eyeliner, I used my current favorite, Loreal Gel Lacquer 24 Hour Liner and my all time favorite mascara, Maybelline Rocket Volume Mascara.



That’s it for this look using this palette. Below I have a picture of my eye makeup after a very long 8 hour shift at work. As you can see, my makeup is still in tact. It may have worn off just a little bit, but it still looks great. (The two look a little different because they were both in different lighting, but in person, they don’t look much different.)


I admit I am very impressed with this palette. I wouldn’t necessarily say it compares to a high end brand palette, but it is probably the best drugstore palette I have tried yet. I am definitely recommending this palette to all of you. It is a great palette for a great price.


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