Valentine’s Day Beauty, Day 9: Another Drugstore Eye Look

Alright, so here is another drugstore eye look but this time using the Maybelline Flushed Nudes Palette. I created this look on the spot, just this morning in fact, and took pictures of it as I was going along. So it may not be the best, but it will workΒ for Valentine’s Day.

I have used this palette in the Complete Drugstore Look back from last month, and I am using it again. The shades don’t have names, so I am just using the numbers I have shown below.

IMG_0332 edit

First I primed my lids with the NYX Eyeshadow Base in white and then put scotch tape in my outer corners. Then with a crease brush, I put shade number 4 in the crease.


Then I took just a regular eyeshadow brush and put shade 6 all over the lid.


Next with and an angled blending brush, I took shade 9 into the outer corner and then brought it to about the midpoint in the crease.


Then with that same brush, I applied shade 11 into the outer corner only. I also put shade 1 on the brow bone with a fluffy brush.




Then I completed this look with the NYX Matte Liquid Liner and Maybelline Rocket Volume Waterproof Mascara. I also used the NYX Black Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil on my lower lash line.



There really isn’t much to this look. It’s great if you’re running low on money and need something quick that doesn’t take too many steps or require a lot of time. Thanks for reading, and I hope this helped.






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