Mini Sephora and Forever 21 Haul

I know what you’re thinking, you already did a haul last week. Well I was at the mall and there was Sephora just calling me. So I gave in and bought a couple of things. Then I went to Forever 21 and decided to see if any of their cosmetics wereย worth the buy, so we’ll see.

First I bought some headbands from Forever 21. It was Buy One, Get One Free, so I thought I’d buy them.


Then I saw this cute eyelash curler, I just had to.


Then I bought some lip crayons in the shades, Nude, Lavender, and Rust. I have some swatches below in that order from top to bottom.



Then I got a brush holder. I’ve seen makeup artists use this, so I thought I would give it a try.


Then I got some makeup sponges. I’ve never tried the actual Beauty Blender but I have tried them from Real Techniques, and I just wanted to see if they could compare.


I bought a new hair brush and some bobby pins. Just the basics.


I’ve seen this at Ulta and I thought about getting it but I didn’t want to spend too much money on it, so I thought I’d try it for $5. I hope this heated eyelash curler works and helps keep my lashes curled.


Now from Sephora I got a few things, not doing much damage to my wallet. First thing I got was the Benefit Hervana Blush. I’ve heard good things about it so I wanted to try it myself.


Then I stocked myself up on some primer with the Urban Decay Primer Potion in the Anti-Aging formula. Never tried that before, hopefully it’ll make me look younger than 20, just kidding.


Last thing I picked up was a lip liner from Sephora. It’s in the shade, 16, Nude Beige, and there is a swatch below.



Thanks for reading! Sorry I haven’t posted this weekend. I have had some crazy hours at work, making it hard to post. But fear not, I’ll be back tomorrow with ย some new things coming up on Beauty Amateur Hour. Stay tuned.


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