Urban Decay Naked Basics Tutorial

I am super excited to post my first tutorial! Tutorials were actually the main reason why I started this blog because so many people compliment me on my makeup on a regular basis and tell me that I should post tutorials, so here I am.


Urban Decay is one of my favorite brands, so I thought I would start off with a look from the Naked Basics palette. The look I chose to teach is a little more on the dark side, perfect for a night out, or whatever you would please.

First, I started out with Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer all on the lid. Any kind of base or eyeshadow primer will do, but my favorite at the moment happens to be this one.

*Note: I apologize for the bad quality, I don’t have the best camera or lighting. But I’ll get there someday. *


I giggle everytime when someone asks me how I get my eyeshadow winged and so perfect. My secret to my winged shadow is so simple, and something that anyone can find around the house: Scotch Tape. I like to make sure that the tape connects the outer corner of the lid to the end of the eyebrow.


Next I take a blending brush into the shade, Faint, and sweep it on the crease, making windshield wiper motions.


After putting Faint on the crease, I take a fluffier blending brush into the shade, Naked 2, and blend out Faint. That way the color isn’t too intense, sort of creating a very faint ombre effect.


After blending Naked 2 and Faint, I take another fluffy eyeshadow brush and put into the shade, Walk of Shame, also known as W.O.S., and onto the lid, without going beyond the crease.


Now this next step must be handled with care. Next I take my angled blending brush and lightly dip it into the shade, Crave, and create a tiny triangle among the outer corner and along the tape. When I say lightly, I mean very light. Crave is a very pigmented color and if you pick up too much, the harsher the line and harder to blend out. I don’t always like it too dark, but I want it noticeable, so I tend to blend it out more than I need to.


Next simply just take a fluffy brush and lightly dip it into the shade, Venus. Again this shade is pretty pigmented, so be careful. I prefer to use Venus, because I like to have a little shimmer on my brow bone. But since these shades are all matte, it would be a complete matte look if you highlighted the brow bone with the shade, Foxy.


Next is the thing I still face trouble with everyday: Eyeliner. Eyeliner is just definitely such a pain for me. I like wearing it, but I don’t like too much, but once you hit that point of no return, it’s very hard to fix. As you could see, today was one of those days.

I think it is very funny that I love having a winged eyeshadow, but I’m not a fan of a winged liner, not yet at least. It’s just another art I have yet to master. The liquid eyeliner I used here is my current go-to, the NYX liquid matte liner.


Next I just pop some mascara onto my lashes after curling them with an eyelash curler. My absolute favorite is the Maybelline Rocket Volume Waterproof Mascara. My lashes are pretty stubborn and won’t stay curled, but they stay curled with this mascara.


That is it for this look. I hope that this was helpful with using the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette. This is always a simple go-to look for me, and I’m excited to share it. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to sharing more looks with you in the future.


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